Season 2 episode 1 – Prodepence: Moving Beyond Codependency

Montare Media presents Season Two episode 1 of the Discover U Podcast: Prodepence: Moving Beyond Codependency. Can a person stay in a loving, connected relationship with someone who is misusing substances, without losing themselves? Do all those who devotedly care for their addicted family members necessarily have their own pathologies? Get ready to have your preconceptions blown apart in this thought-provoking conversation. https://montarebehavioralhealth.com/about/digital-library/ JD Kalmenson interviews Dr. Rob Weiss, therapist, author, and renowned speaker on his newest ground-breaking work focusing on the family dynamics of chemical dependency. Dr. Rob will open your heart with his compassionate approach to both caregivers and addicts and inspire a renewed belief in the healing power of love. Dr. Rob Weiss, PhD, LCSW. Dr. Rob is the Chief Clinical Officer of Seeking Integrity, a group of online and real-world communities helping people to heal from intimacy disorders and related substance abuse. He's the author of 10 books on sexuality, technology, and intimate relationships, including his most recent one, ‘Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency’. His Sex, Love, and Addiction podcast is currently in the top 10 of US Addiction Health podcasts. And he's been a featured expert on CNN, ABC, and other major media outlets. Host Kalmenson is the CEO/Founder of Renewal Health Group, a family of addiction treatment centers, and Montare Behavioral Health, a comprehensive brand of mental health treatment facilities in Southern California. Kalmenson is a Yale Chabad Scholar, a skilled facilitator, teacher, counselor, and speaker, who has provided chaplain services to prisons, local groups and remote villages throughout the world. His diverse experience as a rabbi, chaplain, and CEO has inspired his passion and deep understanding of the necessity for effective mental health treatment and long-term sobriety. #codependence #prodependence #behavioralhealth #relationships #intimacy #mentalhealth #grouptherapy LINK TO PODCAST Listen Here to our Discover U Podcast Video: https://youtu.be/Lc99lkCadDY

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