Discover U Podcast: What the Body Can Tell Us About Trauma, with Gina Ross

JD Kalmenson interviews Gina Ross, MFCC, to learn about the latest developments in trauma treatment, including how trauma lodges in the body, how our nervous system can be reset for more resilience, and how to work with generational trauma. Gina Ross, MFCC, is founder and president of International Trauma-Healing Institutes in the United States and in Israel and the co-founder of the Israeli Trauma Center at Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem. An internationally known expert on the impact of trauma in conflict between groups or nations, Gina has specialized in cutting-edge healing methods that can be brought to the public. Also a pioneer in understanding collective trauma, Gina has integrated her wide expertise in cross–cultural issues and relationships and is currently working with Israeli and Palestinian societies and other groups to bring an understanding of the role of trauma in conflicts between groups or nations, how this role and cross –cultural misunderstandings relate specifically to politics in the Middle East. Gina and her institutes work diligently to place the issue of trauma healing on the global agenda, developing resources and collaborating with organizations to further healing at the community, national, and international levels. Link to Gina’s Emotion Aid Video https://emotionaid.tabs.design/ Host Kalmenson is the CEO/Founder of Renewal Health Group, a family of addiction treatment centers, and Montare Behavioral Health, a comprehensive brand of mental health treatment facilities in Southern California. Kalmenson is a Yale Chabad Scholar, a skilled facilitator, teacher, counselor, and speaker, who has provided chaplain services to prisons, local groups and remote villages throughout the world. His diverse experience as a rabbi, chaplain, and CEO has inspired his passion and deep understanding of the necessity for effective mental health treatment and long-term sobriety.

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