Admissions Process

Admissions at Montare

Montare Behavioral Health is a private residential treatment facility in which clients are voluntarily admitted to our mental health facility. We welcome referrals from mental health professionals and other organizations. Clients are also able to self-admit to our residential treatment programs. Our admissions counselors and intake specialists are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions and will guide you in the help of you or a loved one.

Intake and Admissions

The first step in admitting to Montare Behavioral Health is to contact our admissions team and ask any questions you may have about our residential mental health treatment program. Next, an initial assessment will be conducted to determine if you or the individual you are referring is clinically viable for treatment. 

If the clinical team reviews the assessment and determines that the individual is a fit for our program, a longer assessment will be conducted with a clinician to ensure we can meet all the treatment needs of the individual and assign a level of care that best meets the individual’s needs. 

If the potential client is currently in another treatment facility, or has recently been hospitalized, we may request certain records for clinical review including:

Most recent psychiatric evaluation

        • Most recent history and physical
        • Most recent psycho-social history
        • Most recent clinical notes (if in a treatment program)
        • List of current medications (dosage and frequency)

Insurance and Payment Options

Montare Behavioral Health accepts most private health insurance plans and also has self pay options available. We do not participate in Medicaid, Medical, Medicare or state funded Medicaid programs. 

During your initial call into our admissions and intake team, an admissions specialist will gather your insurance information and conduct a verification of benefits through your insurance provider. Our trained admissions and intake staff will assist in this process and provide you information on your insurance benefits, deductibles, and any up front costs that may be associated with treatment. 

Upon acceptance and admission into Montare Behavioral Health, you can relax. Our admissions specialist will update you on everything you need before you attend treatment including a packing list, travel information, travel arrangements, and/or transportation to our facility. 

Admissions Criteria

The primary criteria we consider when admitting a potential client is their ability to benefit from the treatment methods we offer. Additional admission criteria includes

            • Age 18 or older
            • Primarily diagnosis of mental illness
            • Ambulatory or capable of self-transfer
            • Able to participate in treatment programming and services
            • Free of major medical conditions requiring ongoing 24 hours per day, 7 days per week nursing services

Exclusionary Criteria

Montare Behavioral Health is a voluntary, unlocked residential treatment facility, and clients must be willing to participate in treatment and group activities. Montare Behavioral Health cannot accept clients with one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Significant cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s, dementia)
  • Major medical condition requiring ongoing 24 hours per day, 7 days a week nursing supervision
  • Substance abuse (we do accept clients with substance abuse for our dual diagnosis program, but mental health diagnosis must be primary)
  • Current or persistent suicidal or homicidal behaviors that require 24/7 supervision in a locked facility to prevent self-harm or harm of others. (Many of our clients do have thoughts of suicide and will be safely supported at Montare Behavioral Health)
  • Recent or ongoing violent behavior

If you have any additional questions about the mental health treatment programs at Montare Behavioral Health, please call us at (888) 292-0870, so we can answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about treatment.