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Montare Behavioral Health is a group of mental health treatment facilities in Southern California & a residential mental health treatment center in Tucson, Arizona that offer an innovative and unique approach towards holistic wellness. Through our evidence-based treatment and therapies, we can help resolve the underlying issues that may be causing your mental health symptoms.

With locations throughout Southern California & Arizona, Montare Behavioral Health offers scenic and serene settings to give our patients a calming experience while they attend our mental health programs.

It is the goal of our entire team at Montare to not only help you or your loved one take control of your mental health, but to take advantage of everything life has to offer.

Letter From The CEO

We are living in a unique time; one of unprecedented awareness and desire for self-actualization. People like you and I, from all walks of life, desire change. We desire to be our best selves and to find enjoyment in our lives. This desire and need for change can come in many forms, here at MBH we think that we offer one of most comprehensive and clear paths to that change.

Throughout my life – both as a chaplain and as a CEO in the field of addiction treatment and behavioral health – I have seen this desire for change as a through-line that connects us to one another. Therefore, I have made it my life’s work to find new and innovative ways for us to discover this change and in turn, feel this connection to ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

Our team is chosen thoughtfully, with our core purpose in mind. Staff at Montare believe that they have found their calling in providing therapeutic healing, with a focus on your success and prosperity.

I have also found that connection is key to continued healing and change. Therefore, at Montare, we have a robust Alumni program. Our Alumni Coordinator connects with you once you enter our doors and follows you through your journey not just in our care but once you leave. Montare means to ascend, awaken and we make sure this ascension continues after you pass through our doors.

We make a commitment to you here at Montare Behavioral Health. From your first contact with our staff to your continued journey after our time together; we will always be mindful of your path to change and find ways to make that change unique and long-lasting.


JD Kalmenson

Recovery From Within

We believe there exists a pristinely pure dimension within all of us, that truly wants to lead a healthy and dignified life. This force is ready and waiting to be unleashed and harnessed. We sometimes have to fall extremely low and hard until we notice it’s presence. But when we get in sync with this truly potent sphere of our psyche, and we cultivate and nurture it until it becomes our operating value system and guide to our behavioral lifestyle it is truly a euphoric and liberating experience. This does not mean our challenges and destructive urges are mere relics of the past, the existential struggle continues. However, having encountered our inner spirit of recovery with renewed strength and vigor we have faith and confidence in our ability to continue winning with our renewed identity of Sobriety.

Discover happiness


Discover a life of happiness

“Mental Health recovery is not simply how to live a better life, but rather the result of discovering why to live a better life. We believe that when there’s a why there’s a way. Discover your why today!”


  • JD Kalmenson
    JD Kalmenson
    CEO, Founder
  • Elliott Liebhard
    Elliott Liebhard
    CFO, Founder
  • Dr. Brad Zehring, DO
    Dr. Brad Zehring, DO
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Melissa Sidnam
    Melissa Sidnam
    Director of Operations
  • Kathy Rosales, LVN
    Kathy Rosales, LVN
    Program Director, Renewal Behavioral Health OP
  • Lara Frazier, MBA
    Lara Frazier, MBA
    VP of Digital Marketing

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