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Montare Behavioral Health provides comprehensive mental health treatment throughout Southern California. We specialize in treating disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, personality disorders, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder.

At Montare, we take a fresh, innovative approach to treatment and recovery, incorporating cutting-edge therapies and a holistic philosophy. We view success not only in the prism of crisis intervention, but rather in the larger context of happiness and prosperity.

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Letter From The CEO

Welcome to Montare, a family of behavioral health treatment centers dedicated to changing the landscape of mental health care.

Our generation faces an unprecedented crisis of despair. It does not discriminate, and millions of Americans are continuously losing their battle against depression, anxiety, and other conditions with increasing ferocity.

My life’s work – both as a chaplain and as a CEO in the field of addiction treatment and behavioral health – has left one thing clear for me: we are in dire need of comprehensive mental health treatment.

Montare means to ascend, to awaken was built on a vision and dream of compassionate, patient-centered care that supports each client’s journey of healing and inner transformation. Our mission is to not only help our clients achieve long-term health and mental stability, but to live their full potential by aligning with their true values and purpose.

Our team is a carefully assembled group of sophisticated healthcare professionals who have found their calling in providing therapeutic healing, with a supreme focus on results and outcomes.

Our alumni truly become a part of the Montare family, and our unique aftercare and life skills program provide the tools and support necessary for our alumni to create lasting lifestyle changes.

Our commitment at Montare Behavioral Health is to leave no stone unturned in our exhaustive individualized treatment plan to help you or your loved one achieve enduring serenity.

Together we can address our mental health crisis.


JD Kalmenson

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Discover a life of happiness

“Mental Health recovery is not simply How to live a better life, but rather the result of discovering Why to live a better life. We believe that when there’s a Why there’s a Way. Discover your Why Today.”

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JD Kalmenson

CEO, Founder

Montare Behavioral Health

Elliott Liebhard

CFO, Founder

Montare Behavioral Health

Dr. Jon Shaywitz

Medical Director

Montare Behavioral Health

Melissa Sidnam

Director of Operations

Montare Behavioral Health

Kathy Rosales, LVN

Program Director, Renewal Behavioral Health OP

Montare Behavioral Health

Lara Frazier

Director of Digital Marketing

Montare Behavioral Health

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