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Woman showing the signs of social anxiety disorder

Is Social Anxiety a Real Disorder?

Just about everyone has moments of nervousness in certain social circumstances, such as when giving a speech or meeting new people. But for some people, this moderate nervousness is replaced by an overwhelming fear and other disruptive symptoms. Do people who experience this type of distress have a mental illness? Is social anxiety a disability? What is Social Anxiety? Social anxiety is a mental health disorder that is characterized by excessive, disproportionate fear or worry

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Woman who has the signs and symptoms of cyclothymia

Understanding Cyclothymia

Cyclothymia is a complex, oft-misunderstood mental health condition that affects millions of people in the United States and throughout the rest of the world. Some people refer to cyclothymia as a “mild” form of bipolar disorder, but this description fails to acknowledge the significant distress that its symptoms can cause.  What is Cyclothymia? Cyclothymic disorder (or cyclothymia) is a form of bipolar disorder. The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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Attachment disorder in adults

Addressing Attachment Disorder in Adults

Attachment disorders are typically associated with children. But if someone doesn’t get the care they need at a young age, their symptoms can persist, which can lead to an attachment disorder in adults as well. These conditions can have a highly detrimental impact on a person’s quality of life, but they are treatable. With effective professional care, adults who have attachment disorders can learn to manage their symptoms and take greater control of their thoughts

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Woman having silent panic attacks about her future situation

Understanding Silent Panic Attacks

Usually, someone who is in the midst of a panic attack will exhibit physical symptoms that indicate they are in crisis. Sometimes, though – in cases that are referred to as silent panic attacks – there will be no outward signs of the pain that the individual is experiencing. About Silent Panic Attacks Panic attacks are extremely distressing episodes of anxiety that can cause a person to believe that they are literally about to die.

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Understanding the difference between Tricare vs Triwest

Difference Between TRICARE vs TriWest

In today’s post, we review some of the similarities and distinctions between two organizations that play integral roles in providing healthcare to members of the U.S. military community: TRICARE vs. TriWest. What is TRICARE Insurance? To fully appreciate the differences between TRICARE vs. TriWest, it can be valuable to take a moment to each organization’s purpose and function. We’ll begin with TRICARE. TRICARE, which is managed by the Defense Health Agency (DHA), has been the

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Vibroacoustic stimulation therapy in Los Angeles, California

Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy

Traditional psychotherapy (or talk therapy) can be extremely valuable for adults who have been struggling with anxiety, PTSD, and other mental or behavioral health concerns. Many patients also benefit from participating in holistic services such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. In recent years, a holistic service known as vibroacoustic therapy has also proved to be an effective element of care. What Is Vibroacoustic Therapy? Vibroacoustic therapy is a holistic, noninvasive technique that uses audible sound

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International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

Suicide is a prevalent and growing problem in the United States and many other nations. Every year in November, International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is an opportunity to promote awareness and offer support to those who have lost loved ones. What Is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day? International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day (which is also sometimes referred to simply as Survivor Day) is an annual observance that is dedicated to supporting the

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Woman who can't stop self sabotaging

Understanding Self-Sabotaging

As difficult as life can often be, external challenges aren’t the only factors that affect our ability to be successful. Many people place additional obstacles in their own path (often without realizing it) by self-sabotaging. What is Self-Sabotaging? Self-sabotage occurs when a person’s decisions or behaviors undermine their own progress, prevent them from achieving a goal, or diminish their likelihood of experiencing happiness.  For some people, self-sabotage is the result of a conscious choice, while

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Woman having an uncontrolled emotional outburst

Understanding an Uncontrolled Emotional Outburst

Temper tantrums are common parts of the developmental process among toddlers and children. But when an adult has an uncontrolled emotional outburst, this could be a sign of a serious medical or mental health concern. What is an Uncontrolled Emotional Outburst? An uncontrolled emotional outburst is a sudden and dramatic display of one’s thoughts and feelings. Uncontrolled emotional outbursts typically involve negative feelings, such as fear, frustration, sadness, anger, or despair.  Informally, someone who has

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Woman experiencing the symptoms of bipolar disorder psychosis

What is Bipolar Disorder Psychosis?

Bipolar disorder is a complex mental illness that is characterized by dramatic shifts in mood, confidence, attitude, and energy. Some people who have this disorder also develop bipolar psychosis, a condition that can make it difficult for them to perceive their environment and interact with others. What is Bipolar Psychosis? As established in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the clinical criteria for bipolar disorder include mania, hypomania,

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