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Young Adult Mental Health Treatment

If you are ready to start taking control of your life once and for all, our Young Adult Mental Health Treatment Program in Los Angeles, CA can help you get started. It is very important for young adults to seek rehab or specialized treatment for their mental health conditions because it can prevent severe consequences such as suicide. Far too many young adults have lost their lives because of untreated mental health conditions, and our goal is to put an end to that.

We care about our patients, and we take a fresh approach to treatment and recovery here at Montare Behavioral Health. It is our main priority to offer the best residential programs for young adults with mental illness. You do not have to let mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or trauma are keeping you from living your best life anymore. Once you are admitted into our Young Adult Mental Health Program, our team of specialists will work with you to help you combat those feelings of hopelessness and doubt. What makes us different is that we strive to help you discover the real you and how you can start living a better life.

Mental Health Conditions and Young Adults

Mental health conditions are quite common, but did you know that around 26% of young American adults have a diagnosable mental disorder each year? Unfortunately, less than half of them receive the help they need to treat that disorder because they feel ashamed or embarrassed about it.

We want you to know that seeking some extra support for your mental health is nothing to be ashamed of at all. In fact, we want to encourage young adults to go to rehab for their mental health disorders. That is how you will get better and start thriving, which is what we want you to do here at Montare Behavioral Health!

Why Young Adults Need a Specialized Treatment

Young adults have a lot going on, from dealing with college to beginning their careers to figuring life out. That is enough pressure to cause an immense amount of stress on any person! Such high amounts of stress can lead to more serious mental health conditions such as anxiety and major depression.

Since your brain is still developing in your early twenties, young adults with mental health conditions will benefit significantly from rehabilitation and specialized treatment plans. The earlier you start learning how to cope with these conditions, the better.

If for whatever reason, you do not get the help you need for your mental health conditions, you are looking at some significant ramifications that could impact your life as well as the life of your loved ones. Untreated mental illnesses can result in other problems such as self-harming, poor school or work performance, or suicide. Remember, you are not alone in this.

Having a mental health illness as a young adult is more common than you may think, so there is no shame in finding the help you need to live a better life. We promise to make you feel comfortable and safe during your journey to healing while you are at our Young Adult Mental Health Program. Your wellness is always our top priority.

Common Mental Health Illnesses in Young Adults

Some of the more common mental health illnesses seen in young adults are depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you are experiencing any of these mental health conditions, we have the resources to help you overcome them. The Montare Behavioral Health team would love to help young adults live a more fulfilled life with rehab!

If you continuously have difficulty controlling feelings of worry, have trouble concentrating, have sleeping problems, feel restless, or have muscle tension, then you may have an anxiety disorder. It is common for most people to experience anxiety when faced with a situation that makes them uncomfortable. However, it becomes an issue when it begins to interfere with your everyday life. For example, if your anxiety is preventing you from forming social relationships or causing you to not perform well at your job, it might be time to consider a specialized treatment plan.

Depression in Young Adults

Major depression is a common mental health illness, affecting nearly 20 million Americans in a given year. If you have intense feelings of sadness, loss of pleasure in your daily life, worthlessness, or hopelessness lasting for weeks at a time, then you may be struggling with depression. It can have a devastating effect if left untreated, so please don’t hesitate to get help if you are feeling symptoms of depression.

Bipolar Disorder in Young Adults

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder that impacts a person’s mood and behavior. An individual with bipolar disorder can have extreme highs and lows in energy and mood. People experiencing a manic episode may have insomnia, feel like their thoughts are going too fast, or act impulsively. People having a depressive episode may experience decreased activity levels, have trouble concentrating, or have thoughts about death and suicide.

PTSD in Young Adults

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, can occur after a person experiences a traumatic or scary event. PTSD can happen at any age and can make a person feel stressed and afraid when they are not in any danger. If you have experienced any of these symptoms for at least a month, you might have PTSD: flashbacks, bad dreams, frightening thoughts, a re-experiencing symptom, or an avoidance symptom.

Montare Behavior Health is dedicated to providing rehabilitation services designed to help young adults overcome whatever mental health disorder they may be struggling with. We will work with you to come up with a treatment option that works best for you so that you can get better at your own pace. There is no better time to start healing than now!

Young adult woman at mental health treatment in Los Angeles California

Mental Health Treatment Methods for Young Adults

We offer a wide variety of different therapies and treatments, including:

Our many treatment methods mean that there is something that works for everybody. Do you enjoy listening to music? You might enjoy music therapy. If you feel better being surrounded by other people who are going through the same thing as you, then you might benefit from group therapy. Do you want to tap into your creative side? You will love art therapy! No matter what your personality type may be, we have a treatment method that will work for you.

We care about your well-being, and you will notice the difference the moment you visit us. Our clinical team will provide you with individualized attention in an intimate environment so that you can feel safe and comfortable. You do not have to let your mental illness control your life anymore because Montare Behavioral Health has the resources you need to take back control.

Benefits of Mental Health Therapy for Young Adults

Seeking help for your mental illness through rehab or therapy can be the start of living a more fulfilled life for yourself. Can you imagine being able to live your life without this intense anxiety or depression holding you back? Our Young Adult Mental Health Program gives individuals the time and space they need to recover and feel better about themselves and their lives.

We will work with you to help you overcome life’s stressors. Between our friendly staff and our calming environment, we know you will feel safe and have a positive experience with us. Rehab and therapy for young adults will help individuals heal, learn to cope, and decrease symptoms related to their mental health disorder.

Young adults who have gone to therapy or rehab for their mental health will benefit in numerous ways. You will begin having more positive thoughts about life, you will start managing difficult situations better, and you will start feeling better about yourself, to name a few. Although healing is possible for everyone, not everybody can heal at the same pace. This is why at Montare Behavioral Health, we also give our clients the option to stay long term so you can get well on your time. We will always support our clients and encourage them to find their own path to healing.

Begin Young Adult Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

If you are suffering from a mental health disorder, you are going to want to be at a rehabilitation center where you feel like you matter. We only have one goal at Montare Behavioral Health, and that is to make sure our clients get the treatment they need to feel whole again. Throughout your healing journey, we will be there with you supporting and encouraging you every step of the way. We want what is best for you!

You can find our 6-bed luxury mental health treatment center for young adults in Los Angeles, California. Not only will you experience the best comfort, but you will also receive the utmost care from our top-notch clinical and medical team. They will make sure to come up with a personalized treatment plan that will get you the best results.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental illness, please don’t hesitate to contact Montare Behavioral Health. We want to help you achieve a life that is worth living. Call us today at (855) 782-5553 for a free consultation.