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Our Alumni & Aftercare Services

Caring for your mental health is a life long journey. At Montare Behavioral Health, we have found that by having strong alumni and aftercare services, the people we care for end up having the best outcomes. So what does a strong alumni program look like? See for yourself below.

Montare Behavioral Health Alumni & Aftercare Services

With over a decade of experience in mental and behavioral healthcare, Lynne Biehl brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for community building to Montare. Previously, she excelled in business development and pioneered the alumni services at treatment centers in Santa Monica for four years.

Drawn by the opportunity to create aftercare services from scratch and directly engage with clients, Lynne embraced her newly established role at Montare. Infusing her creativity, genuine compassion, and boundless enthusiasm, Lynne prioritizes visiting clients during their treatment journey to establish a connection and serve as a bridge between Montare’s supportive environment and the outside world.

The optional alumni and aftercare services offer flexibility, allowing members to participate remotely or in-person via online platforms. At Montare, our primary focus is to provide exceptional, effective, and lasting recovery services for individuals grappling with mental health challenges.

Recognizing the post-treatment transition can be daunting, especially amid current uncertainties, we are committed to constructing a robust aftercare. This initiative aims to ensure a seamless continuum of care for former patients, featuring weekly support groups and engaging local community events for our Alumni to enjoy.

Alumni director Lynne at our mental health christmas party at Montare

Our YouTube Channel

Come and be a part of the Montare Alumni Community Channel, where stories of hope, resilience, and recovery from mental health challenges are celebrated. Through alumni interviews and expert insights, our channel offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals navigating the journey toward wellness. Together, let’s shatter stigma and extend support to one another as we walk the path to healing.

Groups and Events

One of our favorite aspects of our aftercare is having groups meet and hosting events for our alumni. Some of the past groups and events we have include:

Montare Behavioral Health Alumni Event Flyer
Montare Behavioral Health Alumni Bowling
Montare Behavioral Health Alumni Event Flyer at the Barn
Social events for mental health in Los Angeles
Alumni group hanging out following mental health treatment in Los Angeles

Why is Aftercare So Important?

Continued support plays a pivotal role in the journey of recovery from mental health challenges. It serves as a vital tool for maintaining progress and navigating the ups and downs that may arise post-treatment. Community connection is essential, as it helps individuals break free from isolation, fears, and doubts that may linger. Engaging in activities, participating in online support groups, and joining efforts to destigmatize mental health can provide a sense of purpose and belonging. Additionally, giving back becomes a meaningful part of the recovery journey.

Many alumni return to our treatment center after 9+ months to offer invaluable support, service, and hope by sharing their stories and experiences, fostering a sense of connection and inspiration among peers.

Why Choose Montare for Aftercare?

Not only does Montare Behavioral Health offer the most up-to-date and innovative mental health treatment programs in the country, but our alumni and aftercare services give individuals the best chance to receive ongoing support while building lifelong connections with others. Our Alumni Director goes above and beyond for each member of our alumni. And it is our goal to create a family like atmosphere that fosters positive and healthy relationships even outside of our services.

Continued support for mental health in Southern California

Continued Support

Continued support offers ongoing guidance, resources, and encouragement to help you deal with tough situations, strengthen coping skills, and keep up the progress you made during treatment.

Social events for mental health in Los Angeles

Social Events

Attending events provides opportunities for social connection, can reduce feelings of isolation, helps foster a sense of belonging, and offers support from others who may share similar experiences and challenges.

Structured mental health care at Montare


Having a sense of structure can help people stay organized. Communication and accountability can provide a strong foundation for individual’s overall mental health and the tools needed to overcome obstacles.

Contact Montare Behavioral Health to Start Your Mental Health Journey Today

Once you complete your treatment at Montare Behavioral Health, you are more than welcome to join our alumni and aftercare services! The most important thing, is that you first receive the care you need in order to stabilize your mental health. If you or your loved one are in need of treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our team will walk you through the process and can give you everything you need to know about what to expect.

For Our Alumni

At Montare Behavioral Health, it is important that we know how our alumni are doing throughout their recovery which is why we offer these quick and easy surveys. Not only will this help us understand how our alumni are doing as a whole, but it will help us improve our program and change even more peoples lives for the better.