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Mental illnesses are health conditions involving a change in mood, thinking, and behavior. Therefore, seeking professional support and treatment is necessary to help someone effectively manage their condition. If left untreated, these disorders affect all aspects of life, physically, socially, and emotionally.

While inpatient residential rehab facilities are effective in offering around-the-clock support and management of common mental conditions, it is not the only program option available. Outpatient programs are effective in treating the following:

What is Outpatient Treatment?

At Montare Behavioral Health, our outpatient treatment facility located on Gramercy Drive in Los Angeles, California, provides similar services to residential care, but in a less structured way. Candidates best suited for this type of program are individuals who have needs that are more mild forms of mental illness, as well as, those who are transitioning over from inpatient care.

The Outpatient Treatment Philosophy of Care

The philosophy of care of an outpatient program is based on living independently. Individuals live at home and attend treatment sessions and counseling for their mental health problems several hours a week. 

This flexibility allows people to still be able to attend school, work, and be with their loved ones. Unlike inpatient rehab, individuals in outpatient centers need to rely on their treatment regimens to help them avoid triggers that could cause them to potentially relapse.

Outpatient Treatment Services

We believe in creating customized treatment plans that tailor to each of our patient’s needs, as evidence-based research has demonstrated a high success rate of recovery, and most importantly, an improvement of overall health and quality of life.

Our team of mental health specialists at Montare recommends utilizing our variety of outpatient treatment services for optimal recovery. These include the following:

Improve Your Mental Illness and Quality of Life

Many factors go into determining the most appropriate treatment program for a person suffering from mental illness. It is important to note, that during outpatient treatment, what works for one individual may not be effective for another.

That is why at Montare Behavioral Health, our team of medical professionals perform an intake or assessment of each incoming patient to determine the most appropriate level of care for their specific needs.

To learn more about outpatient treatment, and how it can help you or a loved one live healthier, both physically and most importantly, mentally. Contact us at Montare Behavioral Health today!