Discover U Podcast: What Horses Can Teach Us About Finding Balance with Kate Neligan

D Kalmenson interviews Kate Neligan to learn about the fascinating field of equine coaching and equine therapy. How can working with horses bring us back into harmonious relationship with ourselves and others, mirroring patterns of behavior an

Emerging Themes: Integrating Spirituality into Your Treatment Plan

Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health: Integrating Spirituality into Your Treatment Plan Dr Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD, FAED, CEDS; Sheenie Ambardar, M.D; JD Kalmenson; Lauren Costine, PhD Description: Effective treatment addresses the body, mind, and spirit. Studies indicate that patients desire spi

Social Anxiety Disorder Identification and Treatment with Dr Jonathan Shaywitz, MD

What exactly is social anxiety disorder, why is it on the rise, and which interventions work the best? These are some of the questions Dr. Shaywitz, MD, will addresses Social anxiety disorder can masquerade as other behavioral issues, and it can become a chronic mental health condition, so identifyi

Reconceptualizing Relapse: Tiffany Dzioba, PsyD and JD Kalmenson

Reconceptualizing Relapse Prevention by Addressing Patients' Unique Triggers and Cravings Tiffany Dzioba, PsyD and Kalmenson, Rabbi, Chabad Scholar, CEO, Renewal Health Group Relapse rates in the first year of recovery are as high as 60% - often due to lack of maintenance in addiction prevention fol

How Music Therapy Helps Us Transform

From Healing Mental Health Issues and Relationships, to Realigning with our Values. JD Kalmenson, CEO of Montare Behavioral Health, a growing mental and behavioral health company in Southern California, interviews Tim Ringgold, a board certified music therapist who has worked with thousands of teens

Discover U Podcast: Navigating Recovery Online with Ronald Tannebaum and Ken Pomerance

Montare Media presents this week’s episode of the Discover U Podcast: Navigating  Recovery Online. JD Kalmenson, CEO of Montare Behavioral Health, a growing mental and behavioral health company in Southern California, interviews Ronald Tannebaum and Ken Pomerance, founders of In the

The Power of Trauma & Trauma-Informed Care: Practical Strategies in Residential Care

This talk is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the neurological, biological, psychological, and social effects of trauma and implications for trauma-informed treatment approaches and organizational strategies in residential behavioral health care. This talk will prov

“Passion and Purpose” with Guest JD Kalmenson

JD Kalmenson’s first person experience with mental health issues and its impact in his ministry outreach in the Ukraine, Russia, Greece and Hawaii launched his studies into permanent behavioral change. In this episode, listeners will learn the importance of purpose and passion in deciding how life