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Montare After Care Triangle

After Care

Renewal’s aftercare vision is built on three simple foundational principles

Productivity | Accountability | Community

When a typical mental health treatment patient completes care, he or she in most cases is severely challenged with two profoundly practical impediments to leading a successful sober lifestyle.

Finding and holding on to a decent job. In many cases, even those who were working prior to going to treatment have burned those bridges and cannot go back to their former place of employment, and for those who haven’t had stable employment before, it, unfortunately, doesn’t get much easier afterward.

Your standard employer is extremely reluctant to hire mentally ill employees, and by that, I mean employees who have a background of mental illness. The result of which leaves the individual with the mental health disorder with very narrow prospects of finding a decent job in an already competitive workforce.

This unfortunate reality leaves the person with the mental illness in a financially strained situation, coupled with an overall feeling of helplessness and despair. Add to the equation – a lack of productivity (never good for self-esteem) with an overabundance of idle time and you have fertile ground for a flare-up in mental illness symptoms.

Finding a safe and affordable form of housing and staying in a mental health treatment facility on a long-term basis is also not a viable option in most cases once their clinical care comes to an end and the well of funding dries up. The inevitable and unfortunate result is that they are very close to being homeless, with all of the unhealthiness and vulnerability that this prospect brings.

Many will start couch surfing and staying with friends. This lack of stability and a safe environment will make individuals that just completed mental health treatment reliant and codependent.

Enters the Montare Triangle

Our vision is to provide people with mental health disorders the care that they need to get better. The first step is to introduce people with mental health disorders to different job opportunities as they are winding down and completing treatment. Once they have clarity on a specific direction and job description, we will then make the introduction to prospective employers and corporations.

These people’s employers would pay their rent directly from their salaries, helping with their money management skills as well as guaranteeing that they have a safe place to live in. The combination of this triangle would effectively solve the housing and job challenges, as well as provide a community of like-minded people intent on living a meaningful lifestyle.